Subthemes and Topic

Themes for the 4th ICTB:

ASEAN Education-23 for Global Connection: Enriching Biodiversity Inspiring People

Sub Theme 1: Agro-Eco-Edu-Tourism
This subtheme discusses the best practice of Agrotourism, Ecotourism, Edutourism and those combination as an educational model to promote biodiversity conservation and examining the social, economic, and ecological aspects of Agro-Eco-Edu-Tourism at a number of scales, and including regions from around the world, specifically in Southeast Asia. This subtheme considers abstract/articles that investigates planning, development, evaluation, risk management, and the best practices of Agro-Eco-Edu-Tourism in various scales.

Sub Theme 2: Biodiversity for Food Stock
This subtheme discusses the potential and sustainable use of biodiversity for food stock. This subtheme considers abstract/articles that investigates bioprospecting, food technology, food processing, food diversification, food security, and food safety in various aspects, such as policies, implementations, and risk management.

Sub Theme 3: Ecological and Climate change
This subtheme discusses several ecological aspects on terrestrial, marine, and freshwater that investigates ecosystem adaptations or responses to anthropogenic climate change. The scope of the subtheme will include issues like range shifts/invasions, novel ecological communities, ecophysiology (drought, wildfires, etc) and phenology (migration, reproduction, and asynchronicity), and a wide range of methodological approaches to describing spatial and temporal complexity will be encouraged.

Sub Theme 4: Bioengineering and Conservation
This subtheme discusses the advance research on Bioengineering that promotes biodiversity conservation. The scope of this themes will include issues on bioprocess, biosystem engineering, bioinformatics, biomolecular, tissue and cell engineering, genetic engineering, molecular and synthetic biology, nano-technology, biomedicine, biomedical engineering, and biochemical engineering.

Sub Theme 5: Biodiversity Literacy and Education
This subtheme discusses the enrichment of literacy and education on Biodiversity. This subtheme considers abstract/articles that investigates the model of educational practice, curriculum development, knowledge management, learning evaluation techniques, and educational prototype development in various stage of education (basic, intermediate, and higher education).

Themes for the 3rd FAS:

ASEAN Food System 2050: Sustainability and Resilience

Sub Theme 1: Food Chain and Economic Instruments

Sub Theme 2: Gender and Food Security

Sub Theme 3: Climate and environmental change

Sub Theme 4: Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Sub Theme 5: Smallholders’ Equity and Equality

Themes for the 5th ICMS:

Ocean Health Resilience 2050: Innovative Science and Technology Solution

Sub Theme 1: Ocean Health and Marine Eco-Biology

Sub Theme 2: Biodiversity and Environmental-Biomonitoring

Sub Theme 3: Climate Change Oceanography

Sub Theme 4: Marine Remote sensing and GIS

Sub Theme 5: Acoustic, Instrumentation, Underwater robotics